Monday, June 16, 2014

100% DIY SMPS by Sergio ( DIY switching-mode power supply)

Sergio writes:
"..It's the first prototype made and tested in september 2012, which will be the power supply of the 6V6 PP. I gave it a smart dress before deciding to make the same thing with the other ones (Se 300b,SE211,SE807,SE811,SE gm70,PP 6L&,Pre Phono,Line ), some of which are perfectly working..."


  1. With this board you obtain 350V DC for the amp at a fraction of the weight of standard tube amplifier PSU... awesome.
    Its a very interesting option
    How can I optain information about this modules?

    1. Dear Sergio. Is there any Info on this SMPs Module. Thx. Peter

  2. Dear Sergio.Is this module for sale. Thx. Peter